Our total pest solutions for
moles, gophers, armadillos,
insects, and many other critters
that cause havoc in your yard.
Products to enhance the water
qualities in ponds, including
decreasing odors, clarification
and elimination of algae.
Pond Clarifying Products
Products to enhance
the overall relationship
between soils and
plants by providing
nutrients, conditioning
Plant & Soil Amendments
Products to control plant
diseases caused by fungi and
bacteria.  Products for
controlling weed populations.
Products to
enhance the life of
your pets and their
environment.  Pets
may include dogs,
cats, fish, birds,
reptiles and more.
Products to enhance the life of
your horses and their
environment, and to provide
greater ease in daily horse care
and management.
Horse Products
of soils, and biostimulation.
Pet Products
  • We foster responsibility to the environment that we all
  • We offer safe products for lawn and garden, ponds and
  • We support the holistic care of your animal companions.
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