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Orland's Safe-T-Weed
100% Corn Gluten Granular Herbicide
Orland's Safe-T-Weed is a pre-emergence organic corn gluten herbicide that kills the tiny roots
of sprouting seeds but does not harm established plants or vegetable and flower sprouts that
have true leaves. While Safe-T-Weed controls sprouting weed seeds, it does NOT control
established perennial weeds such as dandelions. If you use Safe-T-Weed to control sprouting
weed seeds year after year, you can expect in time to see your lawn weed population diminish.
Safe! The EPA found Orland's Safe-T-Weed so friendly to the environment that it is exempted
from EPA herbicide regulations. Used as directed, children or pets can play on treated areas
immediately after application and Safe-T-Weed will not harm beneficial insects, soil organisms or
pond or stream life!

Effective! Orland's Safe-T-Weed is effective against most common lawn and garden weeds. In
addition, its high nitrogen content (9-0-0) works as a weed and feed to green up your lawn.

Easy to apply! Safe-T-Weed is easy to spread using a can or cup for small areas, or a spreader
for lawns.

Economical! One pound treats 50 square feet of flowerbed, or garden or lawn.

Usage/Application rates:

GARDENS, FLOWER BEDS AND SHRUBBERY - Apply 1 pound per 50 square feet. Sprinkle
Safe-T-Weed around bedding plants, including vegetables and flowers, roses and shrubs. Rake
lightly into the soil, sprinkle to moisten the top 1 to 2 inches and let dry for 2 or 3 days. Orland's
Safe-T-Weed does not appear to affect bulbs.

LAWNS - Apply 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet. To control crabgrass and other
spring-germinating weeds, apply when forsythia at least begina to bloom, or when crocuses have
finished blooming and the first dandelions or jonquils begin to bloom.

Also apply following the hot, dry, stress period of midsummer, usually from mid-August to
mid-September. Rains normally provide adequate moisture for Safe-T-Weed. If you water, water
deeply and infrequently, allowing soil surface to dry. Safe-T-Weed is not recommended where
automatic sprinkler systems keep the soil surface continuously wet.

Do NOT use Safe-T-Weed on grass recently seeded, but apply with confidence any time after
the first mowing.
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Treats 250 sq. feet
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